Industry: IT and Services
Founded: 2011
Type: Public Company
Size: 11-50 Employees.
Address: Sussex Innovation Center Brighton, United Kingdom
Specialities: Mobile App Development, GPS navigation, IT Services, GPS tracking, Gamification, Mobile Marketing
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Skitude develops interactive multi-platform applications for the snow and mountain tourism sector with the objective to improve experiences, and assist resorts to connect with the increasingly more technological savvy guest.

Skitude develops solutions for the web, Android and iOS mobile applications and Wearables technologies.

We specialize in:
Geographic information systems (2D and 3D maps with high resolution and interactivity that facilitate safety on the slopes and the mountain; real time information; mobility information services; offline digital information; etc.), Online Marketing as well as the Monitorization, Gamification and sharing of outdoor activities.

In this context, Skitude is focused on developing and promoting two complementary business projects with parallel features:

1. Skitude Services Solutions for ski, snow and mountain resorts are tailored for an increasingly more technological savvy customer. These solutions improve services rendered, increase knowledge of the guests and help efficiently increase sales. This operation unit has developed projects for clients in Europe and South America, in which Skitude is currently working with more than 50 snow and mountain resorts in over 7 countries.

2. (Social Network Platform) applies gamification, monitorization and sharing techniques to snow and mountain activities (Alpine skiing, snowboarding, cross country skiing, Nordic skiing, snow shoeing, etc) and is used in more than 2,500 ski and mountain resorts around the world. This is a free platform and available online. Mobile applications are available for iOS and Android smart phones, also compatible with other mobile devices like SmartWatch or other wearable technologies. This social platform is open to any snow and mountain lover in any part of the world.

Skitude has offices in Brighton (south of London), Girona (north of Barcelona) and Santiago de Chile, with plans to open more.

Our Team

Héloïse HAAKE
Héloïse HAAKE Marketing & Sales
Àric Monterde Puig
Àric Monterde Puig Head of Marketing, Communication & Image
David Huerva Denyer
David Huerva Denyer Founder
Xavier Vallejo López
Xavier Vallejo López Web developer
Camila Yusupova
Camila Yusupova Android Developer