Situware Interactive

Situware Interactive

Situware Interactive

Industry: Computer Games
Founded: 0
Type: Privately Held
Size: 1-10 Employees.
Address: 1405 St Paul St #201, Kelowna, BC V1Y 9N2, Canada
Specialities: Gaming, Augmented Reality
Categories: Augmented Reality, Gaming
Situware offers sophisticated, yet easy-to-use, mobile interactive games and gaming gear that may be played and used almost anywhere at almost any time. Situware Interactive Inc. was created June 2009 to observe and take advantage of the next wave in the gaming industry. Although recently created, Situware’s roots are a blend of years of thought and research by its principles. With the new technology and devices available, and the evident move in gaming market trends, Situware's development team has determined the time is now to assemble marketable products and drive the next wave of gaming.

People like to play. That’s why gaming is a multi-billion dollar industry. Most big gaming platforms of today create virtual worlds that people play on a computer or TV screen. But change is coming.

Many of today’s games involve some form of play based on military or combat action. One of the biggest movement’s in real world military theory is a new science called Situational Awareness(SA). The science began in the 1980’s and is currently being developed by most western countries. Situware Interactive is bringing SA concepts to the gaming industry and we lay those gaming concepts in a real world environment.

Current technology allows us to take the computer gaming of today and integrate it into a small device that can provide a great computer gaming experience in the real world.

There is strong evidence the market is ready for our products. The advent of the Wii is one indicator. Another key indicator is the connected mobile computing trend. Netbooks the iphone and ipad and their Apps store show a clear trend that people want to do whatever they want wherever they want.

Do gamers like to play outside? There are 10 million people in the US who play extreme sports like bush paint ball. So why should gamers be glued to a screen somewhere in the basement...why can’t they enjoy deep interactive networked games wherever and whenever? That is what Situware is about.

Our Team

Paul Toupin
Paul Toupin CTO