Singular Augmented Reality

Singular Augmented Reality

Singular Augmented Reality

Industry: Marketing
Founded: 2013
Type: Privately Held
Size: 11-50 Employees.
Address: Av. Libertador, con Calle Ávila. Torre Xerox, Piso 6. Bello Campo. Caracas, Distrito Capital 1060 Venezuela
Specialities: Augmented Reality, Mobile, Interactive Advertising, Education
Categories: Augmented Reality, Education
Augmented Reality for Education & Interactive Advertising. Backed by Wayra and Start-Up Chile, creators of #PleIQ.

Imagine a new world, an interactive and augmented world, where every product could talk to you, and tell you its features, how to use it or why is better than the others, could be always updated and giving you relevant information.

That world is the world we are creating at Singular. We create amazing experiences of augmented reality to enhance the human experience, and during the last year we had successfully developed Augmented Reality products for top brand advertisers.

But we want to go beyond and apply our technology to interactive educational toys, reinventing the way children play by combining physical and digital worlds into a new kind of learning experience.

That´s why we created PleIQ, a smart toy design to stimulate multiple intelligences in preschoolers, through augmented reality experiences that evolves with the children intelectual development.

Our Team

Edison Durán Lucena
Edison Durán Lucena CEO
Nastassja Palmiotto
Nastassja Palmiotto HRM & Legal
Adolfo Navarro Mena
Adolfo Navarro Mena Comunicador Estratégico
Oswaldo García
Oswaldo García Web & iOS Developer
Noriela Jiménez
Noriela Jiménez Directora Educativa
simon flores
simon flores Programador