Sightline Vision AB

Sightline Vision AB

Sightline Vision AB

Founded: 2000
Type: Privately Held
Size: 11-50 Employees.
Address: Odengatan 106, 113 22 Stockholm, Sweden
Specialities: 3D graphics, 3D Visualization, Virtual Reality, Real time 3D Technology, 3D Rendering, Visual Communication, 3D Animation, Project coordination, 3D GIS
Categories: Virtual Reality
Sightline – Sweden’s leading 3D visualization company!

At Sightline Vision AB, we create 3D visualizations of future cities, buildings, housing units and infrastructure.

We work with the development of images, animated films and interactive 3D models that allow the viewer to move freely through a virtual environment. The technology and software, Neo4, is developed by us.

Our main software suite, Neo4, is a real time 3D visualization tool, unique in its ability to visualize large geographical areas in full, into the smallest detail. Our clients, Property Developers - Private and Commercial Real Estate, Urban Planning authorities, Architects, Municipalities and Govermental Organisations value the ability to make faster descisions, compare design alternatives (or alternative condomiums for example), present to a greater audicence both at seminars and over the web. Thus securing a better understanding that leads to faster descisions, lower costs and higher economical turnover.

Our Team

Christian Ahlberg
Christian Ahlberg Project Manager
Mattias Wessman
Mattias Wessman Founder
Alexandros Stogiannis
Alexandros Stogiannis 3D Visualizer
Markus Vallenholm
Markus Vallenholm Account Manager
Sandra Bergström
Sandra Bergström Project Manager
Christoffer Hallqvist
Christoffer Hallqvist Software
Christian Hjerpe
Christian Hjerpe 3D Artist
Tomas Rönngren
Tomas Rönngren Partner