Scopic Software

Scopic Software

Scopic Software

Industry: Computer Software
Founded: 2006
Type: Privately Held
Size: 51-200 Employees.
Address: 12 Carley Cir, Rutland, MA 01543, USA
Specialities: Scientific & Medical Visualization, CAD/CAM/CNC, Audio/Video Processing & Analytics, DICOM, 3D Animation, Finance/Trading, Video Processing/Playback, Product Customizer/Designer Apps, Streaming Media, Responsive Design, AWS Backends, Photoeffects, 3D
Categories: 3D
US-based Scopic Software is a leading authority in quality, economical custom solutions for web, mobile and desktop. Founded in 2006 Scopic now has almost 200 team members spread all over the world. We might be a global company, but we cater to specific, local needs. Nothing inspires us more than the challenge of finding the right solution for a complicated problem. Above all, we are dedicated to building unique applications for our clients.

Since our establishment, we’ve enjoyed sustained growth and strive to make an impact in the world of software development. As our company matures we’ve stayed focused on what really matters: attracting and retaining global talent, developing dynamic solutions that leverage the latest technologies and maintaining successful partnerships with our clients.

These are just a sample of the industries we’ve developed products for. We welcome your inquiry if you don’t see your field listed below:

Medical: Our specialties include dental and orthodontics, plastic surgery, maxillofacial surgery, neurocognitive research, prosthetic fitting and testing and other areas.

Finance/Trading: We develop trading software, portfolio management, financial visualization and advanced charting.

Manufacturing: We specialize in CAD/CAM/CNC, collaborative engineering design, furniture and cabinet modeling and embedded controllers, among others.

Photography and Videography: Some solutions we’ve created include graduation photo software, green screen applications, augmented reality, video editors and corporate e-learning.

Entertainment: Our high-end animation software, children’s edutainment apps, mobile games and audio mixing and recording software will stimulate and delight your consumers.

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Our Team

Eugene Yurkov
Eugene Yurkov PHP Developer
Pavel Yurchenko
Pavel Yurchenko iOS Developer
Nereida Dema
Nereida Dema Marketing and Sales Assistant
Sergij Rylskyj
Sergij Rylskyj Mobile Developer (IOS, Android, Cross Platform) Developer
Loredana Ioana Martin
Loredana Ioana Martin Project Manager
Erald Bulku
Erald Bulku Developer
Karen Midolo
Karen Midolo Recruiting & Human Resources Manager
Nikolay Suprun
Nikolay Suprun C++/Qt Developer
Tsviatko Tsvetkov
Tsviatko Tsvetkov Software