Samyak Interactive

Samyak Interactive

Samyak Interactive

Industry: Computer Games
Founded: 2012
Type: Privately Held
Size: 1-10 Employees.
Address: Pune, Maharashtra 411001, India
Specialities: Game Based Learning, Serious Games, Interactivity, gaming
Categories: Gaming

Samyak Interactive is a Pune, India based studio specializing in Serious Games i.e. Games For Fun. At Samyak we work towards offering the Best Game Based Learning Experience. Our Games range from educational games to scenario based learning for Corporates. We can create any imagination into virtual reality hence our tagline “Pencil to Pixel”
We Also Offer

Besides Serious Games, We offer Industrial Simulations and Visualisation Services. We also offer services to create any casual games, game assets, 3D Models and Animation in Blender 3D.

Our Team

Aniket Jain
Aniket Jain Business Development
yagnik P
yagnik P Android Application Developer