Red Radiant Media

Red Radiant Media

Red Radiant Media

Industry: Computer Games
Founded: 2011
Type: Public Company
Size: 1-10 Employees.
Specialities: Augmented Reality Apps, Augmented reality
Categories: Augmented Reality
Red Radiant Media specializes in Augmented Reality (AR) apps for iOS devices which include interactive media apps and games.

We are based in Dundee, Scotland.

The team were part of the double award winning team that created Crackdown on Xbox 360 released in 2007.

The company was formed by former members of Realtime Worlds to focus on developing apps for clients on mobile devices.

The team have created many titles including -

Tocco Robo Battle! - Electric Tophat [Xbox 360]

Hamster: Accidental World Domination - BAFTA/Abertay/Electric TopHat [PC]

Project: MyWorld - Realtime Worlds [PC]

Crackdown - Realtime Worlds/Microsoft [Xbox 360]

The Protector - Eurocom [PS3]

James Bone Quantum of Solace - Eurocom [PS2]

Buzz Jungle Party - Magenta Software [PS2]

Burnout [PS2]