Rare Mile Technologies

Rare Mile Technologies

Rare Mile Technologies

Industry: Research
Founded: 2011
Type: Privately Held
Size: 51-200 Employees.
Address: Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001, India
Specialities: Technology R&D, Retail Innovations, Text Analytics, Algorithms & Machine Learning
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We love solving complex technology problems - if it sounds impossible or seems like it cannot be done, we would like to try our hand at it. Rare Mile Technologies specializes in helping clients from all over the world solve complex problems in the following domain.

1. Technology Research - We offer technology research services to enterprises trying to solve quirky issues. Got too much data - do not know what insights it contains? Trying to prototype a tricky mobile use case? We can help research and prototype a solution in 2-6 weeks time.

2. Algorithms - We help businesses design and implement new algorithms with machine learning capabilities to solve new challenges. The algorithms can come from published research papers or can be custom created around the problem to be solved.

3. Unstructured Data Analytics - We dig up amazing insights and intelligence from large volumes of documents, blogs, emails, tweets, Facebook feeds... pretty much anything with plain text and convert them into actionable insights.

4. Retail Innovations - From new uses of mobile technology, payments to virtual reality and Artificial Intelligence, we love solving retail challenges. We help Retailers transform customer relationships, create new offerings and make client interactions fun.

Our Team

Amit Jnagal
Amit Jnagal CEO
Shweta Setia
Shweta Setia HR Manager
Anshul Agarwal
Anshul Agarwal Software
Riya Banerjee
Riya Banerjee HR Associate
Neha Dhingra
Neha Dhingra Hybris and Ecommerce Developer
Niharika Tiwari
Niharika Tiwari Business Development
Samarth Bhargav
Samarth Bhargav Software
Jaskaran Singh
Jaskaran Singh VP Data Science
Bhumika Mishra
Bhumika Mishra Software