Industry: Computer Games
Founded: 2000
Type: Public Company
Size: 11-50 Employees.
Address: 16-24 Underwood St, London N1 7JQ, UK
Specialities: Education, Entertainment, Arts, Games, Science, Training
Categories: Education, Entertainment
Preloaded is a BAFTA winning applied games studio making games with purpose.

Founded in 2000, Preloaded has gained an international reputation, working with a mix of broadcasters, museums, brands, government organisations, charities and NGOs.

Preloaded use games to deliver transformational goals, such as learning new skills, changing behaviour, diagnosing conditions and improving kinaesthetic and cognitive function.

The studio's methodology places the user at the center of their design process, developing products that are designed to meet the needs of the audience whilst delivering the project's specific objectives.

They are platform agnostic with a passion for touch-screens, motion controllers and Virtual Reality.

Preloaded is part of Learning Technologies Group plc, a steadily growing group of specialist learning technology businesses. We are the games bit.

Our Team

Toby Allen
Toby Allen Head of Production
Ben Templeton
Ben Templeton Associate Creative Director
Yukiko Goto
Yukiko Goto Producer
Phil Stuart
Phil Stuart Founder
Jemma Harris
Jemma Harris Producer
Laura Ansloos
Laura Ansloos Operations Director
Jesper Hauerslev
Jesper Hauerslev Games Producer
Cameron Yule
Cameron Yule Technical Director
Andrea Minetti
Andrea Minetti Game Artist