Industry: Media Production
Founded: 2000
Type: Privately Held
Size: 11-50 Employees.
Address: Huijgenspark 60, 2515 BB Den Haag, Netherlands
Specialities: Retail Visualization, Product Visualization, Architecture Visualization, Visual Effects, CGI, Animation, 3D, Renders, Real Estate Marketing Tools, Virtual Reality, Design Visualization
Categories: Virtual Reality, 3D
PixelPool is a global agency providing photo realistic visualizations for retail and brand designers. Our talented PixelPool artists make your designs, environments and product stories come to life, vividly.

With a multi-disciplinary talent in five countries, we have the capability to work around the clock and leverage any technical or artistic resource for any project in any location. This talent comes from various disciplines within the design and creative services allowing us to work alongside our clients design process and understand the challenges of getting ideas and products to market. We typically operate normal business hours however our work flow has been designed to allow us to work globally across multiple across time zones in order to meet deadlines and maintain quality.

Originating as an architectural visualization company, our focus has shifted towards retail, brand and product visualization, for which PixelPool is now most known for. We are also able to produce almost any CG or 3D related products, from rigged characters to 3D printed scale models. Founded by Maarten van Dooren and Willem van den Hoed in 2000 in the Netherlands, PixelPool has grown to a global company with offices in The Hague (NL), Portland, OR (US), London (UK), Berlin (DE) and Sofia (BG). PixelPool is managed by Maarten van Dooren (Founder and CEO) and Jan Torringa (MD, PixelPool EMEA).

Our Team

Matt Sandoval
Matt Sandoval CG Modeler
Marco de Jong
Marco de Jong Business Development
Bernhard Rieder
Bernhard Rieder Creative Director
Priya Varsani
Priya Varsani 3D Artist
Petar Totev
Petar Totev 3D Artist
Josh Hansen
Josh Hansen Retail Brand Leader
Elitsa Chobanova
Elitsa Chobanova 3D Artist
Jan Torringa
Jan Torringa Managing Director
Joost Alferdinck
Joost Alferdinck Lead Designer