Outbox Romania

Outbox Romania

Outbox Romania

Industry: Marketing
Founded: 2011
Type: Public Company
Size: 11-50 Employees.
Address: Bulevardul Dimitrie Pompeiu 9, București, Romania
Specialities: Digital marketing communication, Web development, Social media, Mobile advertising, Augmented reality, 121 integrated campaigns
Categories: Augmented Reality
Mixing creativity with technology to create awesome brand experience.

We are the digital agency committed to find the best mix of channels for getting your message through to your audience and to executing the fittest, the finest, the coolest, the most successful interactive campaigns for your brands.

Our journey goes through 140 campaigns that we’ve developed for 38 clients , going through 79 websites made from stone 10 years ago and growing up to discover Flash , Java , Silverlight , video streaming , 360 video and 3d to augmented reality and integrate them with mobile devices and applications for consumers.

As most of today’s marketing campaigns have a web presence, most of the projects also involve a social media component. Because it takes your message and drags it all around the internet, amplifies it and echoes it until you are sure that, if your message was true and relevant, it got through to your target. And you know why? Partly because Facebook, Yahoo, Youtube, Google and Twitter cover a larger percentage of the population than any TV network in the world. But mostly because it’s believable. That's why Outbox has a full range of capabilities ready to deliver digital communication platforms meant to attract, engage and persuade your consumers.

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