Omitsis Consulting SL

Omitsis Consulting SL

Omitsis Consulting SL

Industry: Computer Software
Founded: 2008
Type: Privately Held
Size: 11-50 Employees.
Address: Consell de Cent 357 1er 1a Barcelona, Barcelona 08007 Spain
Specialities: Drupal, Magento, Symfony, Consuloría, iOS, Android, SEO, MongoDB, MQTT, App development, php, Elastic search, e-commerce, python
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Omitsis was founded in 2008 by Oriol and Ferran with the dream of building a different company, driven by people for people: approachable from the customer and perfectionists with our work. We’ve been growing since then just by the “word of mouth” effect due to the satisfaction of our customers in our projects.

Now we have a young dynamic team of 30 IT engineers passionate about any digital challenge that we are involved in.

Our main strength is in internet and mobile software development: designing, developing and deploying medium to big internet projects based on open source technologies such as iOs, Android, PHP, Mysql, Redis, MongoDB, Symfony, Drupal, Magento, Wordpress… Those are just a sample as we feel comfortable on much more technologies.

We love diversity and we think it´s the key of growing healthy, that’s why we invest in diversification in all our dimensions:
Technology diversification: we explore and master a lot of old and new technologies.
Business diversification: we invest in our own projects and startups such as,,, and some others.
Country diversification: we want to skip borders and become an “european company” by 2014 by moving to Berlin and open an office there.

So… what do we sell?
Basically anything that you can see and do in a Web browser: That means
- Corporative web pages
- Blogs
- Online Stores
- Custom websites with specific needs
- Managment software
- Software as a service..

We are experts in SEO:
- We can push websites up into google results
- We can fix websites that don't appear on google

We can also help in anything related to systems:
- Mobile App development
- website speed ( we make "fly" websites that are are running slow)
- we solve network problems
- Scaling problems ( when a internet application runs too slow because there are too many users)
- Managing Servers or improving hardware arquitecture
- etc.