Industry: Internet
Founded: 2005
Type: Public Company
Size: 51-200 Employees.
Today, the Internet is a reality in our lives and it has become part of our habits and daily life in a way that far surpassed all of the expectations of even those most optimistic about this industry.

The fact remains that no company, product, service or idea can stay away from the Internet. Yet, another fact that is changing our understanding of this industry is that your website gets "lost" amid the billions of other websites in this virtual world (fact).

Having a website is not the same as having results and a presence on the Internet. For your website to standout on the Internet, many other strategies, tools, partnerships, networking, links and actions are needed, because with increasing competition, only the most relevant get results.

By understanding this new scenario and need, we came up with the idea of creating a system that empowers people to not only create a website, but to understand a little more about how the Internet works, training them in other tools to generate real results.

The idea was to create a comprehensive platform that offers people nearly limitless possibilities, so that they can achieve astonishing results on the Internet, and for these solutions to grow as the Internet imposes new requirements.

Our purpose was to create a type of "services and applications combo" a platform that integrates all possible solutions into one single place and control panel, making your work on the Internet easier, faster and more effective.

Our Team

Erick Salgado
Erick Salgado CEO
João Carlos O. Santos
João Carlos O. Santos Partner
Marcos Marketing da Gama Elias
Marcos Marketing da Gama Elias Marketing Digital
Nancy Chojnacki
Nancy Chojnacki Expert Media Buyer
Josias Gouveia dos Santos
Josias Gouveia dos Santos Marketing Digital
Edivaldo Pinheiro
Edivaldo Pinheiro Consultor de Resultados Web
Antonio Dias
Antonio Dias Empreendedor Digital
Andre Luiz Valotta
Andre Luiz Valotta consultor de marketing
Henry Silva
Henry Silva Diretor Comercial