NZN Labs, Inc.

NZN Labs, Inc.

NZN Labs, Inc.

Founded: 2012
Type: Privately Held
Size: 1-10 Employees.
Specialities: Sports Technology, Wearable Tech, Wearables, Motocross
Categories: Wearables
NZN Labs is a technology start-up whose mission is to unleash the power of athletes through sports tech. Our first product is called LIT Pro.

What is LIT Pro?
LIT Pro is the "black box" for action sports that breaks down key moments and helps serious athletes get better at their chosen passion. The product integrates HD-GPS and motion capture technologies to deliver an accurate and detailed analysis of your action sports session. Metrics include speed, distance, lap times, jumps, flips, rotations, air time, g-forces, turn analytics, jump analytics, geographic position, body position and more. Heart rate and other bio-mechanical data can be captured by LIT Pro when using compatible secondary bluetooth sensors.

LIT Pro has already been proven at some of the most elite events in action sports including Red Bull Rampage (mountain biking), Red Bull Double Pipe (snowboarding), the Monster Energy Supercross Championship and the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship.

When is LIT Pro Shipping?
LIT Pro will be able to be used with multiple action sports in the future, but we get it all started with a focus on motocross - LIT Pro along with the LIT Pro MX App (initially for iPad only) will ship in Summer 2014. The product will retail for $299.

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Our Team

Scott Brovsky
Scott Brovsky Founder
Michael Ford
Michael Ford Founder
Nikolai Annenkoff
Nikolai Annenkoff Software