Founded: 2013
Type: Privately Held
Size: 1-10 Employees.
Address: 1620 5th Ave #550, San Diego, CA 92101, USA
Specialities: Head-Up Displays, Augment Reality Hardware & Software Solutions, Motorcycle and Powersport Industry Innovations
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NUVIZ is forever changing the way people see the road ahead.

We provide a fully transparent head-up display solution that seamlessly attaches to any motorcycle helmet. It projects a virtual see-through image of the information that matter most within the rider’s line of sight. NUVIZ users no longer have to take their eyes off the road to see the data that until now could only be viewed on their gauges, smartphone, or navigation device or by pulling over to the side of the road to read a map.

Our Team

Jari Niemela
Jari Niemela CEO
Malte Laass
Malte Laass CEO
Dr Mark Ollila, MBA
Dr Mark Ollila, MBA Member of Advisory Board
Philipp Stelzner
Philipp Stelzner VP Strategy and Product
Kimmo Savolainen
Kimmo Savolainen Director, Digital Strategy
Heli Säde
Heli Säde Specialist, Industrial Design
Anssi Saarikko
Anssi Saarikko I'm cooking something ...
Petri Hirvonen
Petri Hirvonen Rider, Product Management
Janne Salonen
Janne Salonen Specialist, Electronics
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