Nu.M.I.D.I.A. Srl

Nu.M.I.D.I.A. Srl

Nu.M.I.D.I.A. Srl

Founded: 1998
Type: Privately Held
Size: 11-50 Employees.
Address: 00131 Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy
Specialities: Mechanical Engineering, Advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics, Computer Driven Engineering, Web App, Virtual Reality, Research and Innovation
Categories: Virtual Reality
Nu.m.i.d.i.a. (Implementation Numerical Methods for Design of Industrial Applications) was established in 1998 materializing a business idea was born from the experience gained by founders in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Rome "Tor Vergata". Leveraging these skills was created a business that, starting from knowledge and integrating them with a continuous action of refinement of methodologies and related tools, were with the services market industry, initially Italian and later European and world.

Our business idea has always been to improve design workflows and procedures through the development of advanced methodologies and the use of innovative tools directly provided by research activity to simplify, speed up and increase the accuracy of product design.

The company's mission is the development of integrated design methods and advanced numerical simulations.

Nu.m.i.d.i.a. main activities are:
- Advanced fluid dynamic simulations (CFD) modelling techniques or numerical fluid dynamic behaviour of components or systems in order to verify / designing the behaviour or functionality.
- Software development and mobile application: the company is able to design custom software for different needs.
- Advanced Virtual Communication tool development: Virtual Reality for industrial application and in medical sector.
- Embedded system programming: Automation/domotic, Dynamic control system, Real-time powertrain management, Remote sensors system.

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