Niobium Labs Ltd.

Niobium Labs Ltd.

Niobium Labs Ltd.

Industry: Marketing
Founded: 2010
Type: Privately Held
Size: 11-50 Employees.
Address: Ermou 2, Athina 105 57, Greece
Specialities: Augmented Reality, Marketing, Mobile Media Campaigns, Virtual Reality, Location Aware Applications, NFC RFID and Micropayment Systems, Barcode and QRCode Scanning, Mobile Applicaitons, Android, iPhone, J2ME, Windows Mobile 7
Categories: Augmented Reality, Marketing, Virtual Reality
Niobium Labs specializes in the following domains:

*Μοbile media campaigns
*Augmented Marketing
*Mobile Ticketing
*Virtual Reality Spaces
*Location Aware Applications
*NFC RFID and Micropayment Systems
*Barcode and QRCode Scanning
*Mobile App Development [multiplatform]

Our Team

Dimitris Togias
Dimitris Togias Founder