Industry: Internet
Founded: 2009
Type: Partnership
Size: 11-50 Employees.
Address: Masarykovo nábřeží 12 Prague 1, Czech republic 11000 Czech Republic
Specialities: Advanced digital, Creative, Production, Media, Video websites, Augmented reality, Facebook campaigns
Categories: Augmented Reality
Mustard is a digital agency. We are creative about ideas, passionate about execution and very, very picky when buying media.

Catch up with Mustard.

To contact us, please, call our production director & new business contact Ondřej Votocek at +420 777 269 368.

What exactly do we do? Integrated online.
We integrate all advertising channels with online. So your message gets close enough to your customers to touch their heart. There we create a bond to your brand. And let it grow.

Our speciality?
Advanced digital. To attract all the possible attention to your message. We are focused on advanced digital technologies. Video websites, augmented reality or body controlled sites for example. We are constantly living a few years ahead. But it takes a thought to keep it simple and touching.

How do we do it? Rethink everything.
You think you need a banner? We would like to think again. Does it match your goals? Is it effective? You can expect this kind of attitude for every task we will be assigned to. We think for you. Because it is a matter of good taste not to let our clients to make mistakes.

We are not another online agency
We are Mustard. Show must go online.