Motek Entertainment

Motek Entertainment

Motek Entertainment

Industry: Animation
Founded: 1993
Type: Privately Held
Size: 11-50 Employees.
Address: Keienbergweg 75, 1101 GE Amsterdam Zuid-Oost, Netherlands
Specialities: Motion capture, Real -time, Virtual characters, Arts, Online Motion capture Libraries
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We Innovate 3D animation and performance capture, Developments of assets, content, formats, custom pipelines and solutions to both technical and creative challenges. We excel in real-time interactive environments, immersive experiences, mapping and digital holography.

Motek is one of the pioneers in the field of motion capture, with a history of developing new production technology and integrating techniques from the world of research, medicine and robotics into affordable, broadcast-ready solutions.

We’re passionate about quality, real-time interactions and immersion. Motek is committed to assisting you, creating the best project within your production constraints.

We carry out 3D visualization projects also in areas that are not strictly “entertainment”, like “Sweetie” that originated from the Cyber security area.

StockMoves is our production grade web-based motion capture data shop offering libraries of stock motions for:

Graphics artists: To be able to integrate motion capture data into their work.
Game developers: To be able to have full action sets and timed multiple character interactions.
Animators: For use as 3D pose references or as timing references, or as raw material to key on.
Web designers: For creation of dynamic and realistic looking animated elements.
Students: For use in studies of a wide variety of subjects related to human movement.
Architects: For populating visualizations and enhancing walk-throughs.
VR and AR creators: To build realistic moving characters into Virtual reality and Augmented reality environments.
Academic researchers:For research in bio-mechanics, ergonomics, medical, simulation and other motion driven fields.

All data was captured using high end optical motion capture systems. Some of the libraries are also rigged, re-targeted and characterized to standard generic characters.

Our Team

Marcelle vanderVelden
Marcelle vanderVelden motion capture performer
Pim P. van Collem
Pim P. van Collem M.D.