Industry: Computer Software
Founded: 2003
Type: Privately Held
Size: 51-200 Employees.
Address: Hackerbrücke 6, 80335 München, Germany
Specialities: Augmented Reality Software, Augmented Reality SDK, Industry-specific Augmented Reality Solutions, Extensive R&D, OEM partnerships, Mobile Augmented Reality, Client Services, Award-Winning Support, Industrial planning and prototyping, Computer Vision
Categories: Computer Vision
Metaio, the global leader in Augmented Reality, is a fast growing technology company headquartered in Munich with subsidiaries in San Francisco, Dallas, and New York. Metaio software and solutions are used by more than 150,000 professionals across all disciplines and backgrounds. Today, Metaio’s Augmented Reality technology is helping brands and businesses all around the world bring exciting digital experiences and educational tools to over 30 million consumers.

Augmented Reality professionals choose Metaio because it is the only Augmented Reality company that can guarantee a seamless workflow with solutions tailored to Augmented Reality hardware & devices, software & applications, content creation, content distribution, and monetization.

True to its roots, Metaio has an extensive R&D department dedicated to creating new, exciting technologies. Thermal Touch and the 6D-AR holodeck are the latest technology to come out from Metaio’s R&D department. For more information, visit

Metaio was founded in February 2003 and currently employs more than 130 team members with multinational and multidisciplinary backgrounds.

Our Team

Nikoleta Notova
Nikoleta Notova Marketing and Events Manager / Global InsideAR Organizer
Danika Berlin
Danika Berlin Head of Product Sales, US
Irina Gusakova
Irina Gusakova Head Global Product Sales
Roman Hasenbeck
Roman Hasenbeck EVP
Vijay Poduval
Vijay Poduval Unity3D Developer for Augmented Reality
Matthias Greiner
Matthias Greiner Partner