Melbourne Angels Inc

Melbourne Angels Inc

Melbourne Angels Inc

Industry: Venture Capital
Founded: 2007
Type: Privately Held
Size: 11-50 Employees.
Specialities: Angel Investments, Business Advisory
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Melbourne Angels is located in Melbourne Australia and we are experienced investors and entrepreneurs. We welcome qualified business professionals to join our organisation, and inquiries should be directed to our Chairman Jordan Green, or our Vice-President Frank Cooper.

Our focus is providing angel investments to young companies, including financial capital and business expertise to help them grow and be successful.

Today we are 40+ professional members who actively invest in early stage businesses and small companies poised for growth.

Our investors include an experienced team of business people able to evaluate interesting and sometimes complex investment opportunities. We evaluate the merits of new and established businesses, and determine their likelihood for success in a competitive business world.

Businesses who secure investment funding and business support from Melbourne Angels are recognised for their potential to succeed. These businesses have access to a vast range of business expertise, contacts and knowledge from Melbourne Angels.

Our members vary in age and experience, but share a common passion for seeing businesses succeed. Our team include experienced CEOs and GMs, fund managers, lawyers, business owners, and directors of both public and private companies.

We invest in both start-ups and established businesses. Our preferred areas are Information Technology, Digital Media, Greentech, Internet Enabled Businesses, and related high-tech businesses. However, we also invest in more traditional businesses where "game changing technology" can be applied.

The core mission of Melbourne Angels is to provide its members with an enjoyable, supportive, collaborative team environment in which to share investments, knowledge and networks, all while contributing to the success of a new generation of entrepreneurs.

Our Team

Michael Stroeder
Michael Stroeder Investor
Daniel Mumby
Daniel Mumby "That StartUp Guy" Investor
Penelope Lane
Penelope Lane Investor
Mike Sewell
Mike Sewell Member
David Lilja
David Lilja Investor
Maurice Grasso
Maurice Grasso Membership Chair
Paul Orfanos
Paul Orfanos Investor
Geoff Andrews
Geoff Andrews Investor