Founded: 2014
Type: Privately Held
Size: 11-50 Employees.
Address: 203 rue Michel Carré Bezons, 95870 France
Specialities: wearables, watch straps, medtech, healthcare
Categories: Wearables
MainTool is a start-up company based in the Paris, Madrid and Philadelphia areas whose mission is to create and develop innovative technological products with a strong conscience for design and social responsibility.

Smartwatches are supposed to be the next big thing.

But let’s face it: they’re gadgets. Not beautiful Swiss timepieces.

What if everyone could keep the watch they love and have the same smart functionality?

With MainTool, we’ve made this possible by building the first and only smart straps that can be fitted with any regular wristwatches without compromising on each timepiece’s design, brand, culture, heritage and sentimental value.

Any regular watch fitted with our strap can:
‣ measure your heart rate
‣ track your footsteps and calories burned
‣ measure your skin temperature
‣ measure the temperature of your surroundings
‣ alert you smartly through discrete vibrations
‣ analyse your sleep cycles
‣ manage stress
… and communicate with any mobile device!

Sensor data is sent to our default (and customizable) mobile app and can be relayed to Google Fit and many other fitness apps and platforms.

Currently at the manufacturing stage, working with leading watch strap producers (Morellato, Rios1931, Mestel, BIWI) and holding discussions with all top watch brands (Swatch Group/Richemont/LVMH) [strategy is B2B.]

Looking for partners working on health-related algorithms (e.g. stress management, sleep tracking, fall prevention...) and new medical wearable sensors (e.g. blood pressure, skin conductance, pulse oximetry, non-intrusive diabetes...)

MainTool is a company registered in France with the Companies Registry of Pontoise under number 801 986 548. MainTool is a registered trademark of the French National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI) in classes 9, 10 and 14 (according to the Nice Classification) and under number 4093255.

Our Team

Hussain Ahamed
Hussain Ahamed CEO
Nathan Sokolic
Nathan Sokolic COO
Asier Sarasua
Asier Sarasua CMO
Harold Knoll
Harold Knoll CBO
Serge Crebassa
Serge Crebassa Chairman
Alim Ladha
Alim Ladha Advisor
Arjaldo Karaj
Arjaldo Karaj Founder
Celia de la Hoz Sacasa
Celia de la Hoz Sacasa Public Relations Manager
Boris Kesler Fasano
Boris Kesler Fasano Founder