Looksery Inc.

Looksery Inc.

Looksery Inc.

Industry: Computer Software
Founded: 2013
Type: Privately Held
Size: 11-50 Employees.
Specialities: Face tracking, Photo/Video filters, Real-time face modification, Video messaging, Mobile, Social, 3d Avatar animation, Traffic optimization
Categories: Social
Looksery Inc. is a San Francisco Bay Area company founded in 2013 that specializes in face tracking, face modification and bandwith optimization technologies for real-time video.

The company has two main business lines: B2C app and B2B technology licensing.

Looksery B2C app provides live augmented reality filters for selfies.
Using face tracking Looksery identifies all facial features, tracks and maps facial expressions and emotions. This allows users to get amazing special face effects right through the front camera in real-time. The app allows to modify facial features, correct skin tone, apply special effects or transform into a 3D avatar.

* App Store Best New Entertainment App in US
* Number 1 overall free app in Mexico, Slovakia, Czech Republic
* In the top 10 in 20+ countries
* Best App of 2014 by Vogue
* Got 3 MLN users in the first quarter after launch

"An app to make your face video-friendly" - CNN

"It’s truly addictive and instantly fills you with the childlike energy and creativity of playing make-believe" - Vogue

"A clever application that let's you change facial features your facial features, add funny effects or transform your face into a 3D character in real-time when creating video selfies" - TechCrunch

"This app is going to go seriously viral. Girls love looking trimmer in videos" - VentureBeat

"This is a newer company that wants you to care how those images look" - Forbes

The company licenses its technologies to call centers, MNO's, OEM's, brands, make-up companies, and other partners in the video communication area.

* Signed deals with major Telekom/Media players.
* Winner of the Best Innovative Startup Award at the SVOD’14 Conference.

Our Team

Victor Shaburov
Victor Shaburov CEO
Lesya Voronova
Lesya Voronova Software
Oleksandr Opara
Oleksandr Opara Android Teamlead, Java Developer
Pavel Antonenko
Pavel Antonenko Project Manager
Jayson Ahlstrom
Jayson Ahlstrom Product and Growth Advisor
Taras Lazarenko
Taras Lazarenko Android Developer
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