LearnBrite - eLearning Platform

LearnBrite - eLearning Platform

LearnBrite - eLearning Platform

Industry: E-learn
Founded: 2010
Type: Privately Held
Size: 11-50 Employees.
Specialities: Learning Management Systems, LearnBrite Platform, Training & Simulation, Gamification, Virtual Reality, Oculus Rift, Serious Games, eLearning, 3D, Learning tool
Categories: Virtual Reality, 3D
LearnBrite believe that by combining the best and latest technologies with proven eLearning techniques, they can provide the most effective learning experience and outcome.

LearnBrite has developed an eLearning platform based on HTML5, offering increased levels of engagement, involvement and motivation, facilitating ”self-paced” learning and memorable learning experiences.

LearnBrite are first in the World to meet the need for immersive browser-based 3D eLearning systems, compatible with learning management systems, such as Moodle and Blackboard, or in a standalone environment that can be easily integrated deployed and updated without the need for software installation, plugins or IT security issues.

The LearnBrite platform facilitates evaluation, testing, questioning and feedback, linking theory to real life situations, whilst avoiding the risks, or high costs and making learning fun with increased effectiveness.

LearnBrite have met the need for a platform on which the newest technology can maximise the effect of the latest and best learning techniques.

Things are not what they are; they are what we think they are. If the perception can increase the engagement then it can increase the effectiveness; LearnBrite have that technology in the form of virtual reality, 3D and cross platform learning and collaboration.

Whilst the science for eLearning has been prepared over 20 years, the technology across platforms is only widely available now. The LearnBrite platform enables eLearning to be delivered more affordably, effectively and with greater enjoyment than ever before. The recent convergence and maturation of technologies has allowed the creation of advanced learning packages across platforms.

LearnBrite have met the current need, as no company has before, by making it simpler to use and program, at a much lower cost than ever before. Thank you for reading this and keep watching the page.

Our Team

Christian Fratta
Christian Fratta 3D Programmer