Industry: E-learn
Founded: 2011
Type: Educational Institution
Size: 11-50 Employees.
Address: 2300 København S, Denmark
Specialities: Virtual Laboratories, Educational Games, Science Education, Laboratory Simulators, gaming
Categories: Gaming
Labster is a fast moving, award-winning company that focuses on revolutionizing the way science is taught to students all over the world. Our platform offers a Virtual Laboratory provided as a supportive curriculum based e-tool where students can work with real-life challenges in an online environment that simulates reality.

Our labs are based on mathematical algorithms supporting open-ended investigations and are combined with gamification elements such as an immersive 3D universe, story-telling and a scoring system which stimulates students natural curiosity and highlights the connection between science and real-world issues.

Article published by Mads Tvillinggaard Bonde, in Nature Biotechnology (July 2014) supports that using traditional teaching (incl. wet-labs) in combination with virtual labs, potentially increase learning outcome by 101%.

Our Team

Michael Bodekær Jensen
Michael Bodekær Jensen CTO
Mads Tvillinggaard Bonde
Mads Tvillinggaard Bonde CEO
Maaroof Fakhri
Maaroof Fakhri Partner
Jan Ståhlberg
Jan Ståhlberg Partner
Paulien Kalff
Paulien Kalff Scientific Collaboration Specialist
Mikael Thorup
Mikael Thorup Project Manager
Ramona Dorobantu
Ramona Dorobantu Executive Assistant
Samuel Butcher
Samuel Butcher Scientific Collaboration Specialist
Mikkel Marfelt
Mikkel Marfelt Scientific Collaboration Specialist