IVD Shopper

IVD Shopper

IVD Shopper

Industry: Research
Founded: 2010
Type: Privately Held
Size: 11-50 Employees.
Address: Andrés Bello 2777, Las Condes, Las Condes, Región Metropolitana, Chile
Specialities: Online research, Consumer research, Shopper marketing research, Quantitative research
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IVD is a company dedicated to creating innovative market research tools based on virtual reality environments, using proprietary in-house software development.

IVD currently has 2 unique tools

IVD Immersive and IVD Online

IVD Immersive
IVD is an immersive, portable, shopper research tool based on a virtual reality environment, created to visualize and evaluate, in real time, the shopper behavior and all its variables. The system relies on a new technology with a patent in process.

What makes IVD unique is its immersive solution: the consumer moves freely and can interact in a virtual environment.

Also IVD allows for the study to be set anywhere (i.e. store entrance, mall, retailer’s office, etc), as no central location required, because the system is portable.

IVD Online
IVD Online is a shopper marketing research tool, which allows for 3D interactive virtual category based research.

-Speed, the tool allows for instant results
-Low startup and execution costs
-Can be used in surveys and online panels
-Category based research
-Flexibility, changes in pricing, products or layout can be applied easily
-Reach, because the tool is online it can be executed virtually everywhere and no limit of respondents
-Control, the environment can be created, as you want such as: measuring out of stock, competitive activities, pricing, etc

Our Team

Fernando Muniz-Simas
Fernando Muniz-Simas Founder
Guillermo Weyland
Guillermo Weyland Project Director