Inbright Corporation

Inbright Corporation

Inbright Corporation

Founded: 2014
Type: Public Company
Size: 11-50 Employees.
Specialities: Drone Technology, Research & Development, UAV Solutions, Software for Drones
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We build customized solutions using Drones, get your business to the next level.

Autonomous aerial vehicles capable of performing duties in a more precise way and with less risk for humans, our Drones perform their tasks without the need of a pilot, once the vehicle starts, it already knows what to doand how to do it.

We tune up our system with different cameras to get large amounts of data, Inbright drone system analyses information in real time and lets you take decisions on land. We have the experience needed to take your regular business process and solve it in a whole new different way you never imagined. You don’t even need to know how to fly it, our AI drones take care of it.

Need to track your crops?

Want to take aerial pictures with infrared camera?

You name it.

-Agriculture Systems

Improve your crops and your research acquiring data from a Drone.

On Agriculture our clients are so diverse on their problems that we specialize on developing and creating new systems for every case, from spraying fertilizer to analyzing crops with computer vision and multispectral cameras, our teams are ready to build full autonomous solutions to solve those problems.

-Fire Detection & Thermal Detection Systems

Track and map fire as it moves, get vital information, save human lives.

Heat tracking is important when taking decisions, specially when controlling fire in a forest, identifying people on non visible areas and locating pretty much any big mammal, firemen , brigades and policemen find these systems specially valuable when risking a life is not an option.

Interested on research and development of a product or new technology. Possibility of business opportunities. Want to join our team or simply say Hi, send us an email.

Our Team

David Leonardo Castillo Herrera
David Leonardo Castillo Herrera Founder
Omar Pont Torres
Omar Pont Torres Software
Rafael Hernández
Rafael Hernández Dirección de Comunicación
Luis Arturo González Casillas
Luis Arturo González Casillas Business Development