Impuls Imaging GmbH

Impuls Imaging GmbH

Impuls Imaging GmbH

Industry: Computer Software
Founded: 1995
Type: Privately Held
Size: 1-10 Employees.
Address: Schlingener Strasse 4 Türkheim, 86842 Germany
Specialities: Image Processing, Image Analysis, Machine Vision
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Impuls is a software company specializing in Image Processing and Computer Vision.

Impuls develops software of the highest value in the fields of industrial machine vision and scientific image
analysis. Our services help our clients to execute their projects faster and become more profitable
and efficient.

Our clients are industrial businesses and scientific institutions. They understand the value of imaging
and are ready to explore it in their projects, products and services, but they find it challenging to
start from scratch.

We are in a unique position to help our clients, because we have been able to accumulate a lot of
experience and know-how during more than 20 years we have been executing machine vision and
image processing projects. Our imaging software has been written from the ground up and has
matured in countless projects executed by our clients and ourselves.

Talk to us to find out how applied computer vision can help you.

Our Team

Peter Schregle
Peter Schregle Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter
Rainer Kollmann
Rainer Kollmann Software