IMF - Leading you Ahead

IMF - Leading you Ahead

IMF - Leading you Ahead

Industry: IT and Services
Founded: 2010
Type: Privately Held
Size: 1-10 Employees.
Specialities: SharePoint, Manage IT projects, Consulting &accompanying services, Development of Special Systems
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IMF IT was established in 2010 with the objective of providing innovative IT technology services to a wide range of customers. As such, the company is engaged in the provision of comprehensive IT solutions to the private, business, and institutional sectors – service that is characterized by its superior quality standards and long-term approach. The main component standing behind our consistent success is our long-standing partnership with our clients. We believe good service and increased efficiency in a business’s IT domain provides its end users and customers with the services they require both quickly and with and with maximum effectiveness, thus allowing them to increase their own profitability and cut costs. Our highly diverse knowledge allows organizations to realize their primary business potential, to produce superior products, to increase performance levels, and all this while maintaining both simplicity and convenience.

Our Values:

• Professionalism

• Responsibility

• Dedication

• Integrity

• Simplicity

IMF providing innovative technology services to a world wide range of customers:

SharePoint: IMF is specialized in creation and implantation of SharePoint Platform.

Manage IT projects : IMF offers to manage all IT projects and information systems with an emphasis on professional and efficient execution.

Consulting &accompanying services: IMF provides consulting and accompanying services to the IT activities and information systems in the organization.

Development of Special Systems: We specialize in characterizing and developing special information systems in accordance with customer requirements.

Our Team

Or Finkelshtein
Or Finkelshtein CEO
Jerry Small
Jerry Small Business Development
Ofer Bernath
Ofer Bernath VP Projects