Illustration Scientifique

Illustration Scientifique

Illustration Scientifique

Industry: Graphic Design
Founded: 2012
Type: Sole Proprietorship
Size: Myself Only
Address: Montreal, QC, Canada
Specialities: Diagram illustration, Digital illustration, Prototyping and 3D modeling, Video editing, Traditional illustration, Sculpture, 3D
Categories: 3D
Digital illustration:

Is a graphical or pictorial representation allowing you to describe a scientific, technical, informative, journalistic or commecial text.

We offer a unique and personalized illustration service, copyright clean and dedicated to print, video or web.

Diagram illustration:

Used in all aspects of human activity to clarify the matter, a diagram is a simplified and structured visual representation of a concept, an idea, data, the anatomy, instructions etc.

We will be able to help you describe phenomena in a simplified way, to show evidence and correlations in some facts, to represent parts of a whole or to explain how a system works using a simple high resolution visual.

Prototyping and 3D modeling services:

Prototyping helps you show the virtual reality of an object, the most accurate possible, it helps save a significant amount of time in regard to testing or featuring environmental integration.

Our 3D modeling service will make easier your design conception and possible changes during research and development process. Without resorting to production costs, you will be able to share your future products and services to your clients.