GTSoft Oy

GTSoft Oy

GTSoft Oy

Industry: IT and Services
Founded: 2011
Type: Public Company
Size: 1-10 Employees.
Address: Keltasirkuntie 8, 02660 Espoo, Finland
Specialities: Augmented Reality, Citrix, Enterprise Integration, Mainframe, 3D visulization, Animation training
Categories: Augmented Reality
Finnish "start-up" with an enviable track record and 15 year history bridging legacy technology to current – now specializing in the latest Augmented Reality (AR) and Citrix technologies bridging the current to the future! Our solutions enable connectivity to Enterprise databases and heavy 3D models. We provide additional content including “enlightened” images, animations and step-by-step instructions to guide the user performing complex inspection, auditing or maintenance tasks visualized by AR technology. Currently our solutions are primarily designed for Epson Moverio BT-200, but can support the soon available Google Glass and other glass technologies as well as tablets.

•Focus Areas:

1.High-end Enterprise Legacy (Mainframe) Integration, App Development, High-end security – Ari Helmiö – CEO – LegacyMaster

2. Augmented Reality Projects (public funding awarded for a healthcare project ), Enlightened content, Tools & techniques primarily for auditing and maintenance using smart glasses and tablets – Pekka Tiainen - GlassMaster

3. Enterprise Virtual Mobility infrastructure – Tero Laine - XenMaster, Finland’s nr 1 Citrix trainer – official Citrix training courses at held Arrow ECS Finland.

4. Enterprise Legacy and Mobility Infrastructure. Mika Kolhinoja – Enterprise Microsoft & Citrix Master

5. High-end Heavy 3D graphics Nvidia Grid compute Architectures – Thomas Poppelgaard – GridMaster, 3D grid compute evangelist and blogger. Consulting on 24x7x365 4k gaming development projects in EU - specializes also in VR (Oculus)

6. RenderMaster 3D VR&AR – Jarmo Kumpula - Finlands’s #1 Certified Autodesk Media & Entertainment product family (Maya, Mudbox) specialist, consultant and trainer. Focus on 3D Animation, Gaming, Architectural and Industrial Visualisation. Jarmo is expanding his training portfolio to include custom courses focused on building 3D VR and AR content for educational and industrial training/maintenance solutions.