GFDS Global Future Designs and Solutions A.Ş.

GFDS Global Future Designs and Solutions A.Ş.

GFDS Global Future Designs and Solutions A.Ş.

Industry: Design
Founded: 2013
Type: Privately Held
Size: 11-50 Employees.
Specialities: 3D Animation/Film/ Effects/ Post Production, 3D Modelling, 3D Architectural, 3D Industrial designs, Innovate High-TECH, 3D Future Solutions, Augmented Reality Solutions, Virtual Reality Solutions, Big Data 3D Visualization, VideoMapping, 3D holographic Solutions, Augmented reality, Virtual reality, 3D
Categories: Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, 3D
For our clients who want to promote and market their products and projects, Global Future Designs & Solutions Inc. is providing the highest level of quality & the most realistic high-end 3D modeling&rendering services, 3D Animations/ 3D Film, Advertisements, Visual Effects and Software solutions in Computer Vision, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mobile Solutions and 3D Mobile Applications, Big Data 3D Visualizing, Video Mapping areas.

Global Future Designs & Solutions Inc. is competent to perform Airport, Marina, infrastructure projects such as dams, Housing, Residence, architectural projects,such as shopping centers, land, air and sea vehicles and systems on defense projects with multiple - independent - dynamic characters in Ultra HD animation of Architectural, Defense, Health, Education and Industrial areas.

Our design team is using Maximus Technology while providing service to our customers knowing that it is time for the most important cost.

800 Farm Server Core investment, which could serve as a server.

GFDS Inc. is also interested with advanced technologies in R&D.

Our company is providing different presentation techniques solutions and advanced technologies to our customers, such as E-Paper, Holograms, Augmented Reality, Cave systems, Wearable technologies, Internet of Things, ect....

Our company's solution partners are Nvidia, Samsung, HP, Epson, Pure Imagem, Vision2Watch, and Btech.