Fondazione GraphiTech

Fondazione GraphiTech

Fondazione GraphiTech

Industry: Research
Founded: 2002
Type: Nonprofit
Size: 11-50 Employees.
Address: Via alla Cascata, 56, 38123 Trento, Italy
Specialities: Augmented engineering, Interactive systems, E-business and e-commerce, Digital technologies for media & streaming, New generation internet, Knowledge and content engineering, Secure information technology, Mixed reality and networked audio, Augmented reality
Categories: Augmented Reality
GraphiTech, Centre for Advanced Computer Graphics Technologies, was envisioned as a joint venture between the INI-GraphicsNet Stiftung, the Cultural Institute of Trento (Istituto Trentino di Cultura, now Fondazione Bruno Kessler) and the University of Trento (Università degli Studi di Trento).
GraphiTech has been established in order to conduct research and development activities in the broad technology area of advanced computer graphics, mixed reality, information and communication systems. The aim of the joint venture is to enhance the competitiveness of Trentino’s industries through the development and application of advanced computer graphics.

The Foundation’s mission is to contribute towards the transfer of knowledge between the research sector and the industry through the promotion of research on advanced graphics, information processing and visual communication, including mixed reality and virtual engineering. GraphiTech, through its activities, stimulates collaboration and friendship in the field of information technology, between the Trentino province, Italy and Germany and it performs world-class research and development in advanced computer graphics technologies and services.

Its international nature is strengthened by GraphiTech’s membership to the INI-GraphicsNet (, the widest research network in computer graphics worldwide.

GraphiTech is involved in several projects both at the EU and at the national level. Projects are carried out as R&D activities, both through financing by EU or local framework programmes, as well as through applied research projects, commissioned by industries or local authorities.

Our Team

Michele Andreolli
Michele Andreolli Analyst and Developer
Paola La Scala
Paola La Scala Research Fellowship
Daniele Magliocchetti
Daniele Magliocchetti Scientific Research Manager
Giulio Panizzoni
Giulio Panizzoni Software
Davide Lotto
Davide Lotto Software
Marco Berti
Marco Berti Ricercatore
Pietro Martorana
Pietro Martorana Designer & multimedia content creator
Alessio Giori
Alessio Giori Software