Firstkind Limited

Firstkind Limited

Firstkind Limited

Industry: Medical Devices
Founded: 0
Type: Public Company
Size: 11-50 Employees.
Address: Hawk House Peregrine Business Park High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire HP13 7DL United Kingdom
Specialities: Medical, Medical Devices, Manufacture, Wearable Technology, Neuromuscular, Wearables, Electro-stimulation, Technology, firefly™ device, geko™ device, OnPulse™ Technology, Biomedical Engineering, Isometric Neuromuscular Stimulation
Categories: Wearables
Firstkind Ltd manufacture medical devices utilising OnPulse™, the company’s proprietary neuromuscular electro-stimulation technology, which is clinically proven to increase blood circulation for a range of medical conditions.

OnPulse™ Technology is non-invasive and embedded within the battery powered, portable, one-size-fits-all geko™ device. Electrical impulses gently stimulate the common peroneal nerve activating the calf and foot muscle pumps to increase venous, arterial and microcirculatory blood flow, emulating the blood flow rate of walking - up to 60%.

New NICE guidance (MTG19) supports the use of the geko™ device for people who have a high risk of VTE and for whom pharmacological or other mechanical methods of VTE prevention are impractical or contraindicated. CE marked, the geko™ device is also indicated for the prevention and treatment of oedema, promoting wound healing, the treatment of venous insufficiency and ischemia and promoting the healing of tendon and ligament injuries.

An all-round British success story, the firefly™ device has been developed, manufactured and brought to market by Firstkind Limited, following a three year programme of applied research with St. Bartholomew's Hospital and Queen Mary, University of London and published clinical studies conducted by Loughborough University.

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Our Team

Andrew Thelwell
Andrew Thelwell CCO
Suzanne Walker
Suzanne Walker Key Account Manager Scotland & Ireland
David Ingham
David Ingham National Sales Manager, UK & Ireland
Yasmin Hussain
Yasmin Hussain Marketing Manager
Nicola Pickford
Nicola Pickford Key Account Manager
Amie Irish
Amie Irish Marketing Communications Manager
Sue Davenport
Sue Davenport VP Marketing and Communications
Neil Buckley
Neil Buckley Head of Quality and Regulatory Affairs
Mark Whalley
Mark Whalley Head of Manufacturing and Logistics