Fifth Dimension

Fifth Dimension

Fifth Dimension

Industry: IT and Services
Founded: 1995
Type: Privately Held
Size: 51-200 Employees.
Address: Blakelands, Milton Keynes, Milton Keynes MK14 5LS, UK
Specialities: Store Planning & Optimization, Assortment Planning, Aisle Management, Planogram Automation, Merchandise Planning, Virtual Stores, Virtual Reality for Retail, Consumer Research, Store Auditing, Retail Collaboration, Store Briefing Packs, In-Store Compliance, Virtual reality
Categories: Virtual Reality
Fifth Dimension operates globally and has a broad client base comprised of the world's foremost names in retail. Its unique portfolio of advanced planning software and related consulting services covers the following business solution areas;

- Automated Store Planning
- Collaborative Store Planning
- Spatial Insights
- Macro and Micro Space Optimization
- Aisle Management
- Store Auditing & Compliance Analysis
- Automated Planograming
- Collaborative Planograming
- Assortment and Merchandise Planning
- Interactive 3D Virtual Stores
- Virtual Store based Shopper Insights Research
- Biometric based Consumer Research
- Retail Communications
- Category Management & Analysis

Fifth Dimension's extensive range of integrated software and services enables its retail and manufacturer clients to take their best innovations all the way from 'Concept to In-Store Execution' in the shortest possible time and to the best effect.

Our Team

David Harel
David Harel COO
Michael Letchford
Michael Letchford CEO
Orit Matityahu
Orit Matityahu Recruiter
Sheila Mulholland
Sheila Mulholland Vice President-Sales-Americas and Canada
Andy Harris
Andy Harris Business Development
Vince Nolan
Vince Nolan Vice President - Retail Solutions
Tony Hope
Tony Hope Sales Manager - EMEA
Giacomo Perticone
Giacomo Perticone Sql Server Developer / DBA
Nicky Reynolds
Nicky Reynolds Associate Director