Extrasensory Systems Inc.

Extrasensory Systems Inc.

Extrasensory Systems Inc.

Founded: 2008
Type: Privately Held
Size: 1-10 Employees.
Address: 3005 E 14th Avenue Vancouver, British Columbia V5M2J1 Canada
Specialities: PCB design and production, DSP and Microcontroller programming, Sensor systems, Aerospace / Deep sea / Environmental / Green Tech
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At Extrasensory Systems, we take your product from “What If” to “What Is” - idea to production in 9 easy steps
- all with only ONE polytechnic engineer, except for routine tasks:

1) We get the ideas together that make the product irresistible to the market.
2) We specify the product according to the newest technology.
3) We design the mechanical bits first.
4) We design the circuit using the latest and greatest SMD components, DSPs and FPGAs.
5) We lay out the PCB and produce it.
6) We hand assemble the prototypes (BGA, fine pitch, 0402 no problem)
7) We program your FPGA, CPLD, uC or DSP backed by 10 million lines of experience.
8) We program your front-end and service applications.
9) We optimize your product for the market and certify it. (CE, FCC, CS, UL, CSA)

We enjoy DSP and uC based solutions because they are cheap and flexible.
Our favorite processor platforms are:

- Analog Devices Blackfin and TigerShark DSPs. (400-1500 MIPS for the really fun stuff)
- Freescale E800 Hybrid (fast integral ADCs and 60-90MiPS)
- Texas Instruments MSP430 for really low power applications
- Nordic Semiconductor radio chips (8051 core with 12 bit ADCs, USB and 2MBit/s radio)
- Rabbit Semiconductor modules

We excel in computer vision, biometrics (ECG, EEG, GSR), control systems, deep sea applications, aerospace,
digital x-ray… challenge us !! We think out of the tesseract.

Our Team

Kent Johansen
Kent Johansen Owner