E-lixir Consulting

E-lixir Consulting

E-lixir Consulting

Industry: Events Services
Founded: 2012
Type: Privately Held
Size: 1-10 Employees.
Address: Calle Rodríguez San Pedro, 33206 Gijón, Asturias, Spain
Specialities: Events, Comunication, Interactive Voting, iPad, Streaming, Android Tablets, Event App, Tablet Hire
Categories: Events
Based in London and Madrid, E-lixir Consulting is a company specialised in digital communication. We provide innovative solutions to make your events more interactive. From a simple Event-App to full training program, we offer bespoke services for corporate events, training sessions, conferences, cycle meetings, etc.
You have an idea that you would like to use for your next meeting? At E-lixir, we love to consider new forms of interactive meetings that match your needs. Augmented reality, interactive games, multimedia applications, our tools are at your disposal!
We have a wide experience within different sectors (bank, insurance, pharma) and cover Europe.
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Our digital event products and services include:
- Event WebApp: it is a web platform 100 % customisable that contains all information about the event: agenda, speakers' biographies, presentations, map, voting, surveys, etc. for attendees to navigate on. Know more: http://uk.lxr.me/9yardsvideo
- Interactive Workshops: we gather 15 to 20 participants and a consultant around a table. Each one has a tablet and they solve together a practical case, containing questions, theoretical information etc., to create a debate. The format is completely adaptable and we create an application that suits your needs. Example: http://uk.lxr.me/roundtable/
- Interactive voting 2.0: The attendees use tablets to see the lectures and resolve clinical cases controlled by the speaker with our Voting system 2.0. The speaker manages what the attendees see on their tablets via a remote control, enhancing interactivity and participation. http://www.e-lixirevents.co.uk/home/voting-system/
- Easy & Smart voting system: The audience response system is a real-time voting solution that allows its users to survey the participants of an assembly by asking them questions and collecting their answers using individual voting keypads. http://www.9yardsassociates.co.uk/voting-system

Our Team

François Bouquillon
François Bouquillon Director
Vincent Thébault
Vincent Thébault Director
Sophia Zweifler
Sophia Zweifler Sales Manager
Rocio Corral Diaz
Rocio Corral Diaz Project Manager
Fernando Herran Rebolledo
Fernando Herran Rebolledo Project Manager
Arnaud Dangerard
Arnaud Dangerard Jefe Proyecto, I+D
Milena Gapurjanova
Milena Gapurjanova Project Manager
Ignacio Riaza López
Ignacio Riaza López Project/Marketing Coordinator
Sébastien Fors
Sébastien Fors Business Developer (Trainee)