Dubberly Design Office

Dubberly Design Office

Dubberly Design Office

Industry: Design
Founded: 2000
Type: Privately Held
Size: 1-10 Employees.
Address: 2501 Harrison St #7, San Francisco, CA 94110, USA
Dubberly Design Office (DDO) is a ten-person consultancy focused on making hardware, software, and services easier to use.

Our practice is also known for excellence in information design, especially for using concept maps to represent complex topics and processes. We like making complex information clear and seek out complex projects. The core of our practice is interaction design—working out the steps by which a person accomplishes a task. Tasks often involve using tools. Thus interaction design is a form of product design and part of the larger product development process.

We try to structure engagements so that we talk to the people who will use the products and services we design. We also believe good design—like good writing—is a result of editing and revising. We believe in rapid prototyping, making a quick approximation, seeing how it works, and revising it—going through the process as many times as possible and involving users as frequently as we can.

We are particularly interested in integrated systems of hardware, software, networked applications, and human services. We believe differentiation and value come from software and services—and their integration. This pattern is playing out across a range of industries from music and other media to education, health, finance, and network management.

We are excited about a number of other emerging trends:
- Augmented Reality—blending of the web and the physical world
- Big Data—mining large databases to evolve services in real time
- Digital TV—creating a new medium where TV converges with computers
- Sensor Revolution—monitoring our environment and ourselves
- Tablet Computing—blending mobile phones and computers

The personal computer, the internet, and smart phones mark the beginning of the information revolution, but there’s still a long way to go. We are excited to be helping invent the future.

Our Team

Holger Struppek
Holger Struppek Interaction Designer
Robin Bahr
Robin Bahr Principal
Cody Wackerman
Cody Wackerman Interaction Designer
Knut Synstad
Knut Synstad Visual Designer
Ryan Reposar
Ryan Reposar Interaction Designer
Paul Souza
Paul Souza Interaction Designer
Hugh Dubberly
Hugh Dubberly Principal