Documobi Ltd.

Documobi Ltd.

Documobi Ltd.

Industry: Computer Software
Founded: 0
Type: Privately Held
Size: 11-50 Employees.
Specialities: Mobile Marketing, Multi-Channel marketing, Cross Media marketing, Interactive print, Augmented reality print, Print to Mobile, Digital marketing, Direct Mail, Location-based marketing, Augmented reality
Categories: Augmented Reality
DocumobiFUSE is a ‘Print to Mobile’ infrastructure designed specifically to help Printers/MSPs and Agencies to digitally enable Print via mobile phones, tablets and wearables. DocumobiFUSE can integrate with Cross-Media/MultiChannel platforms via an open API.

DocumobiFUSE technology allows the Brand to have a direct relationship with its own Consumers. There is no need for the Consumer to download an additional or separate third party scanning app as Documobi FUSE’s scanning technology sits inside the existing Brand App (via an SDK).

Returning visitors are tracked through their handset ID, allowing cross-campaign integration to build up a single customer view and therefore further personalize content unique to them, all in REAL TIME.

The technology works on everything the Brand has ever printed and requires no design or pre-press intervention. Uniquely, the print can be made interactive retrospectively, without the digital file.

Interactive images are segregated by Brand, allowing multiple brands to create campaigns unique to them (eg. every retailer has their own campaign for the same FMCG/CPG product).

In October 2014, after several years of Prior Art, Documobi was granted its US Patent. This covers the embedding and linking of user generated content (UGC) into printed media using smartphones, tablets and wearable devices. Use cases include allowing a user to embed a video into a Greeting Card for a specific recipient and, for packaging, enabling the user to upload video reviews of the product.

Our Team

Peter Lancaster
Peter Lancaster CEO
Sophie Lancaster
Sophie Lancaster COO
Tom Dunning
Tom Dunning CTO
Dominic Le Claire
Dominic Le Claire VP Sales and Marketing
Francesca Insley
Francesca Insley Account Manager
Anson Kelly
Anson Kelly Developer / DevOps