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Dextro (

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Industry: Computer Software
Founded: 2012
Type: Privately Held
Size: 1-10 Employees.
Address: 101 Ave of the Americas, New York, NY 10013, USA
Specialities: Computer Vision, Machine Learning
Categories: Computer Vision
Dextro is a venture-backed computer vision company building an API to enable developers and businesses to analyze and draw insights from the objects that appear in their photos, videos, or streams. We allow users to extract actionable categorizations and statistics from their datasets without requiring developer knowledge of machine learning or computer vision. We provide businesses with specific, actionable statistics about their videos, images, and streams. A learning system, Dextro’s API gains specificity each time it completes a query. Unlike tagging services, Dextro provides developers with answers to targeted questions regarding their datasets. Our technology powers the next generation of vision-enabled apps, robots, smart devices, and data analytics tools. We have raised $1.71M from investors that include Two Sigma, Yale, RRE, Esther Dyson, and the cofounders of Medidata and Skype.

We’re a small, highly technical team of computer vision engineers and researchers from UPenn GRASP Lab, Yale, IIT Delhi, Microsoft, and iRobot. Our engineers take on high level responsibilities: every engineer owns a part of our processing pipeline and is responsible for its architecture and design. Rather than adding simple features to an existing codebase, engineers must answer hard, green-field problems to expand the capabilities of our API. The complex challenge of solving the core Dextro AI problem requires rigorous experimentation and development, and we tax our engineers to their potential. Pioneering the nascent field of visual data analysis, engineers at Dextro dedicate themselves to their work. That said, we all come together each week for Friday Happy Hours and Tuesday Trivia. Our team is filled with people who are as passionate as they are skilled.

We are based in the SoHo neighborhood of NYC and are always hiring for great people to join our team.

Our Team

Michael Provenzano
Michael Provenzano Investor
Sanchit Arora
Sanchit Arora Founder
Erin Fleischli
Erin Fleischli Business Development
Chuck Cho
Chuck Cho VIsion Researcher
Marj Berman
Marj Berman Operations Manager
Daniel Ladvocat Cintra
Daniel Ladvocat Cintra Product
François Scharffe
François Scharffe Ontology Scientist
Raymond Klass
Raymond Klass Software
Paul Fitzpatrick
Paul Fitzpatrick Data