Dantex Group

Dantex Group

Dantex Group

Industry: Marketing
Founded: 2002
Type: Privately Held
Size: 11-50 Employees.
Address: 08006 Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain
Specialities: Web 3D, Proyectos Multimedia, Multicanalidad, Digital Marketing, 3D
Categories: 3D
Dantex Group specializes in consulting and development of Marketing, Communications and Sales projects using the most advanced techniques of Digital Communication.

Dantex Group comprises a team of industry professionals from Marketing, Sales and IT with extensive experience in Strategic Consulting, Technology Consulting, Marketing & Sales, Virtual Reality, Interactive Video, 3D animations and multimedia applications.

The business concept of Dantex Group is adding value to corporate customers, always applying a Multichannel Approach, through Marketing, Communication and Sales projects using our own technological platform, covering the entire value chain (from the analysis of specific customer needs, planning, goal setting, developing and implementing the project) and therefore providing an integrated service.

Through a high level of service standards, a comprehensive project management and a high know-how of the industries that directs its offer, Dantex Group does bring clear added value to their clients: Improving business efficiency by an increase in corporate reputation, brand and product effectiveness, and optimizing the way companies do all the selling process, therefore providing a high return on investment (ROI) in marketing and communication campaigns, as well as improving the ROI in Sales.

The service is an integrated digital solution based on the combination of different technologies together, such as multimedia, interactive video and 3D animations. The result of integrating those technologies with standard software solutions such as Html 5, is our Digital Platform, useful both for Marketing and Communications campaigns, as well as Sales purposes.

Our Digital Platform provides with a powerful emotional connection with the end user, high user experience, modularity, scalability and content personalization. The final result is much more efficient than that obtained by traditional projects.

Our Team

Jordi Negre
Jordi Negre CEO
Lluís Cardona
Lluís Cardona Director Financiero
Luis Azoy Trias de Bes
Luis Azoy Trias de Bes Business Development
Alejandra Soler Roviralta
Alejandra Soler Roviralta Business Development
Mario Sánchez Gómez
Mario Sánchez Gómez Desarrollador
Pablo Velasco
Pablo Velasco Motion Designer
María Díez
María Díez Assistant Commercial Director & General Services
Arnau Güell Sans
Arnau Güell Sans Visualizador 3d