CrimeLAB London

CrimeLAB London

CrimeLAB London

Industry: Marketing
Founded: 2012
Type: Privately Held
Size: 11-50 Employees.
Address: 18 Soho Square Soho London, W1D 3QL United Kingdom
Specialities: Brand Collaborations, Creative Consultation, Live Art, Events Services, Marketing Solutions, Audiovisual Video Projection, Creative Bespoke Content
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'Putting Brands In The Spotlight'

Get rid of the beige...

CrimeLAB London is a creative marketing solutions agency that knows how to create unforgettable experiences, campaigns and events for brands and consumers, creating deeper relationships between the two. CrimeLAB London offers global brands and companies creative marketing solutions and services which include everything from media-grabbing events and innovative video content to art-led collaborations and social media strategy.

We are based in London and our sister company is art brand Beautiful Crime. We work with specialist talents and consultants to offer you long-lasting results.

Some of what we do:

• Events, experiential campaigns, product launches, art show production
• Video contentL creative film, interviews, docus, event coverage, promotional video for the travel industry
• Live art, live sprays, art curation and installation, video projection, video mapping
• Augmented reality apps
• Social media strategy
• Bespoke brand content such as graphic design and website design

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