Common Good (Ltd)

Common Good (Ltd)

Common Good (Ltd)

Industry: Design
Founded: 2013
Type: Privately Held
Size: 1-10 Employees.
Address: Studio 1B 22 Lever St Manchester, M1 1EA United Kingdom
Digital Innovation

Common Good is a digital innovation agency. We partner with clients to help solve their biggest problems and challenges through effective use of research, design and digital technologies. We’re an independent, Manchester-based studio and we work with businesses across the globe.

Challenges of Rapid Change

We’re a team of Strategists, Designers and Software Engineers built to understand and create the future. We design and build digital products and services that make use of the internet like websites, applications, wearables and interfaces.

Our approach and process brings a valuable outside-in perspective, and we collaborate closely with clients to tackle rapid change by launching smarter digital products together.

Speed and scale

We work at speed and scale and help our clients to do the same, side-stepping ‘analysis paralysis’. We help companies benefit from customer research, rapid prototyping and short cycles of development. These behaviours help us reduce risk and release successful, sustainable, data-driven products.

Our process is customer focused – we talk, listen and observe to identify patterns in user behaviours. Techniques like rapid prototyping help us test our theories and witness, first-hand, what really matters to people – a vital cog in the Common Good process.

Shared vision

Our typical engagement with a client is six weeks and involves a team of approximately 5-6 people – not including members from the client’s side. We work on a maximum of 6 projects a year and we always look to partner with companies which are inherently good. By this we mean the products and services they provide are born out of a shared ambition to make a positive contribution to the world. Benefiting customers by making their lives easier and more fulfilled. Common Good’s focus is on helping clients realise their ambitions by creating exceptional digital products and services.

Our Team

Graeme Rutherford
Graeme Rutherford Product Lead
Lisa Barron
Lisa Barron Lead User Experience Designer
Lucy Anderson
Lucy Anderson Research Lead