Caeden, Inc.

Caeden, Inc.

Caeden, Inc.

Founded: 2014
Type: Privately Held
Size: 1-10 Employees.
Address: Broadway, New York, NY 10012, USA
Specialities: Wearable Technology, Fashion, Mobile Platform
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Caeden is a startup focused on the intersection of fashion, wearable technology, and mobile applications, based in Soho, New York. Our team is developing hardware and software innovations in a $1.4 billion market that is projected to grow to $19 billion in the next 4 years. We are changing consumer expectations of wearables through new data metrics, contextualized mobile applications, and fashion ­focused hardware.

We believe the devices we wear today do not have to compromise between aesthetics and functionality. Caeden's approach is the creation of multiple lines of jewelry-inspired hardware that naturally fits into the everyday lives of our consumers. By seamlessly integrating the hardware and software, we will deliver a unified offering that will improve the everyday lives of our users.

Built by a team of industry veterans from fashion, design, manufacturing, and electronics, Caeden's team has a proven track-record of delivering products that are compelling, beautiful and feature-rich. Leveraging our existing retail relationships we have a clear and proven sales and revenue story.

Our Team

Nora Levinson
Nora Levinson CEO
Skip Orvis
Skip Orvis Head of Systems Development
David Perry Watkins
David Perry Watkins Founder
Soyoung Park
Soyoung Park VP of Marketing
Caroline Oh
Caroline Oh Design Director, UI/UX
Victor Hu
Victor Hu Design Director, Brand and Marketing
Pauletta Perez
Pauletta Perez Vice President of Finance
Matthew Spencer
Matthew Spencer Industrial Designer