Burnout Game Ventures, LLC

Burnout Game Ventures, LLC

Burnout Game Ventures, LLC

Industry: Computer Games
Founded: 2014
Type: Privately Held
Size: 51-200 Employees.
Address: 8945 Tuscan Valley Pl, Orlando, FL 32825, USA
Specialities: Game Development, Game Publishing, Virtual Reality, Simulation, Tech Start-Ups
Categories: Virtual Reality
BGV is a game investor, that incubates game developers’ ideas from zero-to-revenues in six months or less.

Our Founder has more than 35 years of entrepreneurial experience. And, he’s taught cutting-edge project management practices to aspiring game producers (at the Masters' degree level) for more than six years… The former students of which are helping manage $2+ billion in game IP.

The problem with most game entrepreneurs is that they don’t know how to make a business out of their game idea. They focus on making games they want to sell, rather than games that people want to buy. And, they don’t PLAN, so their scope, schedule and marketing go out the window.

We solve that problem because we’re more than an incubator or accelerator. We provide access to all the people, resources, proprietary processes and motivation they need, to create quality games ASAP. The goal is six months or less. Just 16 months old, our game “venturator” has more than 120 game entrepreneurs, working in nine game-related start-ups - seven of which we’ll have established, and with one game released (on Steam) after just 10 months (instead of the usual 36). Another Client (goodXgames) is the only game/company inducted into the Clinton Global Initiative, and another is a PAX East Finalist.

We do this because we believe that if you’re not helping others, then what good are you? We also believe that the ultimate goal of a leader is to make more leaders… So, we have eight game entrepreneurs, leading Teams of up to 30 people, through the processes of developing enjoyable game experiences and sustainable game enterprises. 

Our Clients are gaining awesome experience, releasing games, and leaving their peers behind. Join us.

Our Team

Scott Brown
Scott Brown Advisor
Dennis Price
Dennis Price Advisor
Lee Starusta
Lee Starusta Board Advisor
Jess Brummer, CSM
Jess Brummer, CSM Producer
Ruby Castellanos
Ruby Castellanos Sound Designer/ Composer
David Hobgood
David Hobgood Producer