beeZness Team

beeZness Team

beeZness Team

Industry: Computer Software
Founded: 2011
Type: Public Company
Size: 11-50 Employees.
Address: Khorasan Razavi, Mashhad, Blvd Hashemi, Iran
Specialities: Smart Business, Graphic, Social Media Marketing, Game Development
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The target of beeZness team is finding best new solutions for old [IT] problem :D
Our group specializes in ...

- Internet Services :

SEO , Web design with PHP, AJAX, JQUERY, HTML5 Technique

- Smart Business :

Modern Techniques Of Business Managment
Supply Chain Managment
Implementing Creative Ideas
Customer Relation Managment

- Social Media Marketing:

Social Media Optimization
Content Writing Services
Press Release Distrubition
- Graphic

2D and 3D Design with Adobe Photoshop , 3ds Max, Maya
Video Special Effect and Edit with Adobe After Effect and Priemere
Motion Capture , Render Farm

- Game Development with Unity3d , UDK , ...

- Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

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