Industry: IT and Services
Founded: 2013
Type: Public Company
Size: 1-10 Employees.
Address: 4, Belgrave Lodge, 48 CearnĂ³g Belgrave Thuaidh, Dublin 6, Ireland
Specialities: Image Recognition, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Saas
Categories: Computer Vision
Beautifeye is an image analysis SaaS platform capable of automatically extracting marketing insights from social network photos. We believe that there is a vast reserve of untapped data widely available online. There are more than two billion images uploaded on social networks each and every day. We know that brands using exclusively text-based analytics cannot see these images - Beautifeye can.

With our tools, brands can see their customers' engagement with their product, and elicit actionable marketing insights from these images. We sell to brands to help them measure the sentiment of their customers.
Currently, they are struggling with exclusively text-based tools that cannot see the 2Bn+ images shared every day on social networks. Images are the most engaging, powerful & common media on social networks.

Beautifeye gives marketers powerful eyes to see their customers' images. We analyse these images and provide actionable insights about products and consumers. We use a highly novel approach involving cutting edge Computer Vision & Machine Learning and we use the abundant images that are already out there, shared by the consumers themselves.

We process and analyse images on a large scale, with significant savings on time and cost for our customers. The market for image-mining is newer and more interesting than text-mining because people react in a deeper way to images and images are open to more interpretation than text.

Our Team

Richard Bryce
Richard Bryce Adviser
Nadja Deininger
Nadja Deininger Software