Industry: Semiconductors
Founded: 1991
Type: Privately Held
Size: 11-50 Employees.
Address: 1646 North California Blvd. Suite 220 Walnut Creek, CA 94596 United States
Specialities: Software engineering services, Algorithm and software design, Processor selection, Processor power and performance analysis, Computer vision
Categories: Computer Vision
BDTI is the most trusted source of analysis, advice, and engineering for embedded processing technology and applications.

Since 1991, BDTI has delivered technical consulting and hands-on engineering services that help its customers:
• Speed time-to-market
• Improve product performance
• Minimize product cost
• Reduce development risk

BDTI provides unique engineering services for companies creating new embedded software applications as well as for ones that need to optimize existing code. BDTI has developed embedded software for a wide range of applications on a staggering number of architectures—in C, C++, and hand-optimized assembly code. We’ve coded on most every DSP and general-purpose processor: ARM, Analog Devices, Intel, MIPS, Qualcomm’s QDSP6, Renesas MCUs, Texas Instruments—and on quite a few proprietary processors as well. And we’ve done it for applications ranging from computer vision and wireless infrastructure to consumer video and toys.

Optimization is one of our specialties. Companies come to BDTI with code that needs to run faster, consume fewer CPU cycles, or use less power. Our experience in wringing every last drop of performance out of benchmarks on different architectures and algorithms enables us to deliver jaw-dropping results.

We deliver what our clients need on time and on budget. This is due to our experienced staff, a time-tested development methodology, and effective project management—and from a tenacious commitment to your success.

Our Team

Jeff Bier
Jeff Bier President
Brian Dipert
Brian Dipert Analyst
Edward Lee
Edward Lee Scientific Advisor
Elizabeth Knight
Elizabeth Knight Office Manager
Wendi Greim
Wendi Greim Director, Technical Recruiting
Mike Pochkowski
Mike Pochkowski Busiess Development Manager