Barcelona Media

Barcelona Media

Barcelona Media

Industry: Research
Founded: 2002
Type: Nonprofit
Size: 51-200 Employees.
Address: 08018 Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain
Specialities: Opinion Mining, Tourism, Content Creation, Culture, Smart Cities, Image, Security, Audio, Mobility, Social Media Analysis, Virtual Reality, Inventory Loss, Training, Simulation
Categories: Virtual Reality, Security
Barcelona Media is a center of innovation and interdisciplinary research as well as an international technology partner that develops creative and reliable solutions to improve its client’s competitiveness.

Since its foundation, Barcelona Media has been involved in over 500 international projects worldwide.

Barcelona Media is your partner for:

• Providing creative, reliable and innovative solutions to improve efficiency and competitiveness.
• Developing advanced technology projects that generate added value.
• Achieving international dimension in technological business as well as institutional and research projects.

Key Differentiators:

• Innovative solutions that create new immersive experiences and audiovisual content with real and synthetic images, sound and text.
• Ability to maximize content analysis using textual and audiovisual signal processing technologies and semantic study of the dynamics of social networks and the latest trends in perception and cognition.
• Demonstrated capacity to develop assets management strategies by applying leading technologies to maximize social and economic performance.

Key Success Stories:

• Imm Sound: development of an immersive sound solution for the cinema industry. Company sold to Dolby Laboratories.
• Logo Detection: Automatic detection system for broadcasting content.
• Tourism Strategic Plan for Central Brazil (states of Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul, Goias, Brazil).

Our Team

Andreas Kaltenbrunner
Andreas Kaltenbrunner Scientific Director
Ana Requejo Alonso
Ana Requejo Alonso Content curator
Lurdes Burés Vilaseca
Lurdes Burés Vilaseca Responsable d'Operacions
Toni Torrente
Toni Torrente Project Manager
Olga Campdepadrós
Olga Campdepadrós Quality and Environmental Management System Manager
Montserrat Prats
Montserrat Prats General Director Assistant
Josep Civil
Josep Civil Responsable Serveis Generals