AviationLearn Pte Ltd

AviationLearn Pte Ltd

AviationLearn Pte Ltd

Founded: 2003
Type: Privately Held
Size: 11-50 Employees.
Address: Singapore 408868
Specialities: Development and Provision of Computer Based Training,, Development and Provision of Aviation Simulation & Training Solutions, Providing technical and professional aerospace training services, Development and Provision of Virtual Reality training soultions, Virtual reality
Categories: Virtual Reality
AviationLearn is a leading aerospace technology based training provider in Asia. Headquartered in Singapore, AviationLearn is a market leader in Singapore, providing technical and professional training services to over 50 aviation companies, development and provision of Computer Based Training, Simulations and Virtual Reality training products for both Civil and Defence Sectors.

Our Roots:
Established in 2003, AviationLearn’s success is driven by our people and a firm commitment to get results the right way, by operating responsibly, executing with excellence and applying innovative technologies. In our journey to becoming the aerospace training provider of choice for the Asian and world market, we will be guided by our values of passion, commitment to quality, the value of relationships and dedication to remaining at the forefront of technological advancements.

Technology and Training:
Technology is propelling our growth. We are focused on the creative development, harnessing and innovation of technologies into the sphere of Aviation Training for both civil and defence applications. Examples of such solutions include e-learning, simulations, virtual training and learning management systems.

We are also investing into learning pedagogy, being involved with the training business, AviationLearn recognizes the need to continuously maintain its leading position in the training and learning domain. Examples of such training include our training for EASA regulations, technical training of engineers and type training of Engineers and Pilots.

AviationLearn works with our clients, working in consultation and valuing the relationships we build. We are able to consult at a strategic level to deliver innovative training solutions for organizations across different engineering, MROs to flight schools and catering to needs for a few to many in both the civil and military fields.

Our Team

J. Gabriel Stine
J. Gabriel Stine Instructional Designer
Wanyun He
Wanyun He Instructional Designer
Randy Choy
Randy Choy Multimedia Developer
Edwin Ng
Edwin Ng Business Development
Peter Chia
Peter Chia Human Resource/Operation Manager
Wayne Tang
Wayne Tang Instructional Designer
Lynn Ling Yi
Lynn Ling Yi Business Development
Jacky Goh
Jacky Goh Multimedia Developer